Big Green Lake Set Club Records for the Third Year in a Row

​The weather cooperated with light winds and 80 degree temperatures.  Big Green Lake has set  club records for fish points for the third year in a row.  Opening day of the two day event anglers brought in some nice creels.  Rocky Beem scored 1515 pts which normally leads tournaments but on Big Green that was good only for 4th place.  Phil Gianfortone scored 1686 with a limit of bass to start the two day event in 3rd place.  Anita Kuhnle put together a limit of bass and 10+ pounds of pan fish for a score of 2400.  In first place on day 1 Ken Kuhnle set the new one day record with 12 pounds of bass and 12 pounds of pan fish for the new club one day record of 2801 pts.  

On day two Don Ladenberger put a nice creel together to total 1623 pts which ended him in third place.  Rocky Beem sharing the boat with Phil outlasted Philly putting together 2366 pts on day two totaling 3882 pts to Phil's 2612 pts for 3rd and 4th place.

Anita Kuhnle challenged for the lead putting up a new club recordof 2883 with 13.9 lbs of bass and over 9 lbs of pan fish.  forcing Ken to put together another big creel if he wanted to take home The Mid Season Classic Crown.

Ken weighed in 11.6 pounds of pan fish and 14.3 pounds of bass for a grand total of 3128 pts to take back the one day club record​putting together the new 2 day club record of 5929 fish pts taking home the Mid Season Classic over his wife.